2.1    Air Operator Certification 
a.)    Air Operator Certification Manual [pdf] 537kb
b.)    Flight Operations Inspector Manual(2nd Edition) [pdf] 2,363kb

2.2    Approved Training Organisation 
a.)    Training Organisation Certification Guide (currently unavailable) [pdf] 419kb
b.)    Approved Training Organisation Procedures Manual [pdf] 884kb
c.)    Developing Advanced Crew Resource Management Training: A Training Manual [pdf] 2,459kb

2.3    Flight Examination 
a.)    Designated Examiners Manual [pdf] 757kb
b.)    Designated Check Pilot Manual [pdf] 1,864kb
c.)    Pilot Examiner Manual (currently unavailable) [pdf] 405kb
d.)    Flight Examiners Manual (Aeroplane and Helicopter) (currently unavailable) [pdf] 362kb

2.4    Flight Operations Inspection 
a.)    Flight Operations Inspector Manual [pdf] 287kb
b.)    Manual of Validation and Surveillance of Foreign Air Operators [pdf] 578kb
c.)    Manual of Validation and Surveillance of Foreign Air Operators 2 [pdf] 1,112kb
d.)    MMEL/MEL Policy and Procedures Manual [pdf] 512kb
e)    Dangerous Goods Inspector Manual [pdf] 3,478kb
f.)    Foreign Air Operator Manual [pdf] 578kb

2.5    Personnel Licensing 
a.)    Personnel Licensing Procedure Manual [pdf] 454kb

2.6    Enforcement 
a)    Aviation Enforcement Policy and Procedure Manual [pdf] 21,762kb

2.7    General 
a)    Inspection and Audit Manual (2nd Edition) [pdf] 2,445kb
b)    Advisory Circulars [pdf] 14,486kb
c)    Advisory Circulars - Volcanic Ash [pdf] 993.9kb


a)    Annex 1 Compliance Checklist [doc] 3,034kb
b)    Annex 6 Compliance Checklist [pdf] 1,579kb


a)    Regulatory Audit Checklist (Flight Operations) [pdf] 562kb